Thursday, October 18, 2012

Noah's Ankle

Monday started out like any other day.  I decided to make some chicken soup for dinner and an apple pie for dessert.   I started working on the pie.  I rolled out the crust, got that in the pan and started to assemble the pie.

Then I got a text.  It was from Noah "Mom, mommy, mum, mom I hurt myself."   So I texted him back and asked what happened and if he was ok.  He responded and told me he hurt his foot and sent me a picture of his foot!

Needless to say I had already put the pie in the oven by this time and it had 30 minutes left to go.  I ran out the door and told hubby to make sure he takes the pie out of the oven.  He said he would and off I went.  I'm sure you can guess the fate of the pie!

I picked up Noah from school and drove him over to urgent care.  His ankle was so swollen by the time they called him back and took x-rays.  Good news is his bones were not broken.  Possible bad news is they couldn't tell if he broke the growth plate.  We have a follow up appointment Friday and they will let us know if he needs to see the orthopedic surgeon or have more x-rays or a bone scan. 

Poor kiddo isn't liking the crutches to much.  He says he's sore all over especially his shoulders and good leg from hopping around on it.  Noah says his ankle doesn't hurt much only when he puts pressure on it.  Luckily the swelling has gone down. 

Oh and how did this happen you ask?  Well he was goofing around in the hallway at school with his friends.  He jumped up and then landed on his ankle.

Now back to the pie....... it didn't survive.  It baked in the oven for roughly 4 hours!  Yes you guessed it, hubby forgot to take it out of the oven when the timer went off.  He was out in his workshop and totally forgot about the pie.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.  It was horrible looking.  Luckily the house didn't stink up to much from that!

UPDATE 10/20:
We got GREAT news yesterday!  Noah's foot appears to be healing nicely.  Since there are no nerve endings in the growth plate it's hard to tell if that was broken or not.  But the doctor felt since there was no swelling, bruising or tenderness anywhere else that it was just a sprain and he's good to go.  Just no running or jumping for 1 more week but he's off the crutches now and can participate in gym minus the running!

Back in 2009 Noah broke a few bones in his foot.  He also enjoyed playing the wii during that time too!

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