Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spray Painting A Tool Box

Pete, the hubby, has amassed quit the collection of air tools lately.  Some he had and some we recently purchased to make it easier for the repairs he had to do to my Excursion.  We were running out of tool box space in the garage so we took an unused tool box from the pole barn and put it in the garage. Only problem was it was starting to rust.

So I sanded it, gave it a good cleaning and off to the store we went and Hubby got me some spray paint guns!  He had been wanting to get me some for a while but for whatever reason I was kinda scared of them!  I don't know what the big deal was but now I'm not sure how I lived with out them!!

 A general purpose spray gun and 2 HVLP gravity fed spray guns.
 Oh and did I mention these babies are PURPLE??  How cool is that??
Let's not forget the mask....this guy is VERY important.

So now we got the tools needed and I set out to get it done.  Not sure why but I decided to start with the parts I wanted white first.  I got it all masked off and went to work.

The primer is that dirty reddish brown color. After I got a coat of white on I then tackled the blue.  It started out ok then Hubby decided to give it a try.........which led to some horrible looking lines on the lid and back inside wall.

It was badbad,  bad!

That's ok.  It didn't take much to fix.  Just readjusting the control knobs and I got it all fixed up and into the garage!

Now the Hubby gets to organize his air tools and all his other tools he keeps in the garage.  At least the garage holds all the "small" tool stuff...he has his workshop for all his carpentry tools & machines. 


  1. This project is a chance for me to test my new paint sprayer.

    1. We bought a new sprayer (Wagner) last year and it's so much better than the one we had. The tool box still looks like new 3 years later! It gets a lot of use.

  2. Graco would be a better choice to Spray Painting a tool box i think.

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