Saturday, September 15, 2012

Organizing School & Medical Paperwork

It's that time of year again when the kids come home with mountains of paperwork.  Some for me to fill out and send back, some are classroom rules, teacher email addresses, and also the very important password and log in information for all the kids textbooks.

Then there's the mountain of papers I need to keep track of for doctor appointments.  My 13 year old, soon to be 14 years old, has some medical issues and I always carry a folder with all his test results, medications and doctor information when we have appointments.

I decided to throw all the important stuff into one binder so it's easy to find and not stacking up on my desk.

I took a white binder, although now wishing I had purchased a black one, and used scrapbook paper for the front, back and sides.

For the inside I used some left over dividers that the kids didn't need for their school binders.

I could not find my 3 hole punch so I  ended up using the single hole punch to put holes in all papers.

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